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As a leading executive search firm in Food/Beverage Manufacturing and Restaurants, Sedgefield Search embodies many of the traits of the fox - a dogged persistence in finding the right candidate in challenging to fill roles, the passion and creativity to source people from a myriad of means, and the sharp and agile minds to ascertain and understand the significant results and accomplishments of talented executives in the Food & Beverage space. We see executive recruitment as the logical conclusion to a thoughtful, methodical and detailed process supporting the client's business objectives. As your trusted partner, we will...

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What we do


Listen and ask pertinent questions to understand the client's strategy and culture. We understand the competitive Food & Beverage/Restaurant marketplace.


Offer personalized service where the individual conducting the search is the one who is interviewing and evaluating the candidates for a cultural and technical fit, and making the final presentation to the client. There is no substitution to engaging a candidate for multiple hours to understand how they separate themselves from their peer group.


Provide the expertise of having been a business leader in Food & Beverage Manufacturing.


Supply relevant market data and analysis, only uncovered during a thorough search.


Utilize leading edge search techniques that less than 3% of the world's recruiters use to find the talented candidates who are in the market, not on the market.


Understand the candidate's motivation and timing in making a major career change. We want a career fit, not just a placement.

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